Our history started in 2007 with the Xatcobeo project and continued with Humsat and other projects in cooperation with the Spanish Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA),the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), and other universities and companies around the world with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

We developed complete space systems based on small satellites from the beginning until the end. We also worked as providers and consultants in other projects cooperating with other entities.
All of our internal engineering and management processes are based on the ECSS standards
philosophy properly tailored. This allows us to achieve high quality and reliable results in our projects.







Small Cleanroom (ISO 7)


The Aerospace Group has a cleanroom class 10000 equivalent to ISO 7. The cleanroom has an area of 9 m² with an entrance hall of 9 m². All the necessary ESD protections (ESD mats, dissipative floor…) and all the auxiliary facilities (grounding, power, UPS, network, WiFi…) are installed in the workarea.

The AIV activities of the satellites developed by the group (Xatcobeo, Humsat-D, FemtoXat, SERPENS) were executed in this cleanroom, including subsystem and system level activities and satellite integration.

Large Cleanroom (ISO 7)


CINAE will have in Q2/Q3 2017 a large cleanroom facility with a total surface of 100 m² with the following characteristics:
● Entrance room of 15m² (ISO 8)
● Main room of 65m²
● Independent room of 20m²
● Access control
● Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

EM anechoic chamber


The University of Vigo has an anechoic chamber available for EMC/EMI and antenna studies. It allows to recreate open-field conditions to execute electromagnetic measurements. The EMC tests can be executed up to 3 GHz and the antenna pattern studies up to 50 GHz.

All the antennas designed for the satellites developed by the group were tested in this chamber. Moreover, some of the satellite subsystems and EGSE were characterized in terms of EMC/EMI.

Electronics development laboratory


Our group has a complete electronics laboratory to develop prototypes and engineering models. It is equipped with all the required instrumentation for the development and validation of electronic circuits (power sources, signal generators, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers…).

It also has the equipment needed for the production of low-complexity PCBs and electronics assembly.

Ground stations


To perform the tracking and operations of their own satellites, the group has two ground stations located at the university campus in Vigo. They have antennas and equipment for the VHF, UHF, L and S

The stations are also used to support missions from other entities during LEOP and commissioning phases as well as contingency situations.

All the stations operations are automated requiring a minimum intervention from the operators during the communication periods with the satellites.

Offices and meeting rooms


There are available offices and meeting rooms completely equipped with power (UPS), wired network and WiFi in the Telecommunications Faculty.

These offices and rooms can be used by the organizations and companies that cooperates with the group during the activities in our facilities.

Galician Center for Aerospace Innovation.